• Muscle or Disc?
    How do you know if you've got a muscle or disc issue? Read more
  • Eat This, Not That, To Fight Your Cold
      Bottom Line: When you’re under the weather and just trying to get through the day, necessities like food are often the last things on your mind. You just want to feel Read more
  • New Year Less Stress
    Bottom Line: Did you know that recent studies indicate that over 54% of people are stressed by the amount of stress in their lives? That’s a lot of stress! Stress in Read more
  • Make This the Year of Better Sleep
    Bottom Line:  Most of us know someone who doesn’t have the best sleeping patterns. Not surprisingly, many of us think of ourselves when this topic comes up because we’re all too Read more
  • Bouncing Back from the Holiday Hangover
    Bottom Line: The New Year = a new opportunity to get healthier, lose those extra pounds, and overcome the holiday hangover. The first step to having more energy, getting active and Read more
  • Boost Your Energy in 2019
    Bottom Line: Fact: a simple 10-15 minute walk can be all it takes to help you feel more energized. That’s right. The key to boosting your energy is staying active! Studies Read more
  • Title: Simple Tips to Keep Your Immune System in Tip-Top Shape
      Bottom Line: Thank goodness for the immune system! Did you know, you encounter bacteria that could make you sick each and every day? Your immune system is fighting to keep Read more
  • Feel and Function Better with Chiropractic Care
      Bottom Line: The first thought many people have when suffering with back or neck pain is “Better go the Chiropractor,” because, as research shows, Chiropractic adjustments are one of the best Read more
  • Exercise for a Stronger Immune System
    Bottom Line: Get that daily dose of exercise to boost your immunity. By carving out time to be active, you can feel better, more energized, and strengthen your immune system. Read more

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